Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Launched :) My PrintBusinessCards.Com Portfolio

I wish I could say I have accomplished a lot more lately as far as furthering my photography interests goes, but family has come first and work has been busy.

I landed my hands on a classic Canon QL 17 GIII rangefinder and am ecstatic about it. It belongs to my sister and she acquired it in the early 80s. I had to replace the light seal but that was not too difficult with readily available information shared by others on many blogs and forums. 99 cents 8.5 x 11 black craft foam from Michaels ,some acetone and double sided tape did the trick.

The other notable event was I sold my Mamiya RB67 ProSD with 90mm lens, to fund the acquisition of a Mamiya 645e with two prime lenses. Well, I wanted to shoot more medium format outdoor and the Mamiya 645e is a plastic shell with a metal body and considerably lighter than the monstrous RB67. This means I can take the medium format camera out with me to farmers market and be "slightly" incognito and don't break my back doing so. I have finished putting a roll of Neopan 400 through it and the results are wonderful. Mamiya MF lenses are awesome and very inexpensive today. The images are sharp, crisp!!.

As soon as I can get a decent scan of the images I shot with the Mamiya and Canon rangefinder, I will post them on my blogs. Shall write a review on both cameras.

Dgital is the medium I use most for obvious reasons but traditional black and white film photography is really my ultimate escape :)

Coming back to project no 3, I finally signed up with as a contributor. A short learning curve and a few weeks later, I am officially a contributor/artist and so I wanted to share that. Above is a screen grab of my portfolio is good to have another channel to show my work and generate a little income to pay for an expensive (but satisfying) endeavor.... :)

Do check them out Here...added to my To Do List: design 20-30 more templates in the coming weeks.
Cheers...Happy shooting

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera