Saturday, January 2, 2016

Carillon Point Marina, Kirkland, Washington

We treated ourselves to a nice New Year's Day brunch at the Beach Cafe at Carillon Point Marina in Kirkland, Washington. I had Chicken Wrap with sweet potato fries and they were delicious. It was a beautiful sunny winter day and it felt more like 40s although the temp was in mid 30s. Folks were out walking their dogs, families with kids having leisurely stroll by the waterfront. There is a beautiful pier stretching into the lake. For $99, the pilot will take folks on a ride on his sea plane offering a bird's eye view of Lake Washington. It was indeed a lovely place to usher in 2016.

The panorama image was a crop of another image taken on the Motorola Luge phone. The original image had more of the pier. In addition, I had put the original image through an Aviary photo filter. Part art, part photography, this far from perfect picture has the look of a watercolor painting and I love it.

Below are two unedited images of Carillon Point Marina with Aviary digital frame added.

Whenever I am not able to lug my Canon DSLR and lenses on a trip with me, the camera on my phone comes to the rescue. I am a late adopter of the latest and newer technology anyway, one of those 3G phone holdouts. My old 3G phone had a pullout qwerty keyboard which I sorely miss today. To force my hands, one day Verizon simply decided that it no longer wants to support 3G, simple web pages that used to load and offer just the right amount of news and updates stopped loading. They succeeded frustrating the hell of me and begrudgingly I ordered a 4G Lite smartphone. I stuck to the prepaid plan with no contract. Since then this cheap smartphone has served me well and has become a second eye in many an occasion

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