Sunday, February 22, 2015

Grifone Sangiovese - Glorious Tuscan Red

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Qmee, what everyone is talking about

You may know that I love wine, good wine, especially those that can be had at a great price. My favorite place to shop on a weekly basis is my neighborhood #Trader Joe's. It is the first question I ask whenever I am considering moving to a new town/city - "Where is the nearest Trader Joe's?" lol.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I spotted at the end of the wine aisle at Trader Joe's a bottle of #Sangiovesee that looks yes, very Italian with its red label. The label is elegant, very European, not quite French but definitely warm, Mediterranean......The label reads Grifone Sangiovese, Together with cases of Sangiovese is the #Primitivo (hmmm, don't know anything about Primitivo but now I am really intrigued and definitely want to try out the Sangiovese that is selling $3.99 a bottle). I have had Sangiovese on many occasions and love it with spicy Asian dishes and Italian pasta, and the Sangiovese has a bouquet that is between a very robust Shiraz and a mellowed down Merlot, but perfectto on a day of good company and good food.
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I bought two bottles of Grifone Sangiovese that evening for a mere $8 and promptly came back for more. It was a beautiful red and upon doing more research on the web, I came across this review by Gil Lempert - Schwarz of Las Vegas Review Journal who describes the Grifone Sangiovese so eloquently in his article HERE and I quote "On the nose: There is spicy black fruit, sweet tobacco, balsamic reduction, cedar box, ripe red cherry fruit..........On the palate: The wine expands to show its ample vibrant red and black fruit medley, dominated by the classic — similar to the Chianti zone ...and he goes on to say - Yet another killer value from the heart of noble winemaking in Italy. It’s very Italian and very Tuscan through and through..."

Buy the Grifone Sangiovese and Primitivo by the case and drink them before the end of 2016 - Gil Lampert tells his readers. That is exactly what I am going to do on my next trip to Trader Joe's. To me, it is truly amazing that Trader Joe's can bring such great wine to the US and sell it at the stores for a mere $3.99 (in California) a bottle!!
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You can read the full review by Gil Lampert - Schwarz here on Grifone Sangiovese and on Grifone Primitivo

Also on the #Grifone in the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer HERE

On the right - Pizza freshly made at the local cafe restaurant at Monterey Bay Marina - First hot meal after pulling into Monterey Bay having sailed some 20 hours non stop from Sausalito chased by a storm that was nowhere on the map on NOAA the morning we left Sausalito. It was cold, damp and foggy throughout the entire journey and we were glad to finally be tied to a dock. This yummy pizza was just what we badly needed

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