Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Prologue

What have we become, I have been asking myself lately. We are glued 24/7, to our laptops, so eager to share our innermost feelings with strangers on the World Wide Web, making friends across bandwidth without any reservation. Our addiction to the World Wide Web has become our first and sometimes the only love we profess, to the detriment of people we really care and people who love us. Privacy did not seem to matter in this ever changing world, we seem to embrace everything as a step forward for mankind. Sometimes I feel the aliens have landed and there is no place to hide from the ever powerful eyes of Google Earth.

I yearn to run away, to a kind of utopia, with a soulmate, and a friend or two. Warm sea breeze, turqouise coral seas, and I would write a book, or work on one of my creative projects under the coconut trees. May be I am being unrealistic, yes, I guess you could say I am unrealistic as this goal has been as illusive as ever. I know what it is like as I was born on an island where many tropical islands line the seas surronding the peninsula. I spent days in the turquoise seas swimming and snorkling and rainbow colored tropical fishes come to play. My hotel room was a hut standing on stilts in the sand, with a bunk bed on each side. Each morning I would be awaken by the gentle songs of the ocean. If you had seen what I had seen, you would understand why I am dreaming to go back to my utopia. I need my soul back and I wonder if you do too.

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