Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hush in the morning

My favorite photo subject - flowers

Hush in the morning......leaving for my destination early morning when the light is just breaking, the valley with a hint of beautiful soft light. I will arrive at my destination before most folks, except for some joggers and I am ready to have my stroll with nature. I walk, I stop, I hear the birds chirping, the mist in the air from the sprinklers. My favorite shot is always one with the dew drops still on the petal.To me photography is always about capturing the light

Red tulips - Tulip Festival, Ferry Building, San Francisco

This is a good reason why I am a morning person. It is the most beautiful hour of the day (and the second 30 minutes after sunset). Coffee in hand, I am so thoroughly happy, as I enjoy the view before me. This weekend morning routine never fails to wake up my senses (rather differently I might say from what one gets from a good cuppa of latte). It is so invigorating that without it I am not sure how I could be ready for Monday's grind. Walking, at time tip toeing not wanting to wake up the little critters whatever they may be around me, I feel as if I had walked into the garden of Givenchy, seeing a Monet painting in my mind. The song "Morning has broken" by Cat Stevens is ringing in my ears............

pink roses at a Malibu florist

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  1. One of my favorite photo subjects is 'flowers', too. But I'm not as good at photography as you are.


    Greetings ;)

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